Living in Atlanta, I struggle with finding locations with good footing to let the hounds run.  Fortunately, I have great friends with a farm in Newnan.  They graciously allow me to bring the hounds down and let them run.

In addition, to their runs on the farm, I felt that the hounds needed to be doing more conditioning.  I wanted to try something that was easy on their joints and feet.

I was speaking with another greyhound friend about this and she told me about Wag-N-Swim.  The facility is located slightly OTP (outside the perimeter), the pool is warmed to the dogs liking and salt water.  I was very interested and we went for our first session this past week.

I knew Darla would like the water, she is always wanting to play fetch in the lake or lay down in creeks.  I was a little worried about how Jethro would do.Here were my favorite things about swimming: the dogs slept for hours after the class, I learned a lot about the hounds gait, and I can already see improvement in their muscle definition after one session.  I will continue with this training once a week for the remainder of the summer.  They will also continue with their FitPaws Peanut and free running.  We should be properly conditioned by fall.  They are already complaining that they haven’t lure coursed in over one month.
On another note, no seizures in 11 days!